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The Palmer Husky Show is to be an hour long themed show.  For instance if the theme that week has to do with romance, the greater portion of the airing will be dedicated to that subject, and therefore, letters chosen for that week will also match the nights subject as well .  Don't worry, we will announce next weeks subject so that those who might have had questions that match the subject can send in a letter if they are comfortable doing so.

Eventually I also want to have a co-host so that Ideas can be discussed with two minds picking at the problem (the age old "two heads are better than one" saying").  As we grow, it may even be a possibility that guest hosts will be featured.  but time will tell.

At the beginning of each show, the subject matter and any special guests that may be with us that night.  Then we talk with the guest for a few minutes so that we and our listeners can get to know the guest a little better. 

Then we start in with letters.  One of the choose letters is read in its entirety.  Then it is discussed for the next 10 minutes or so (depending on how much time we have left in the hour), to try and look at as many angles as we can so we can gain a full and balanced understanding of the situation, and  to determine what kind of advice would be appropriate to give that would either give resolution to the problem or at least give that light at the end of the tunnel that indicates that it won't go on for ever.  When we get the ability to do it, if the writer is willing to do it we may even have them on air to explain their problem and we discuss it with them in the panel format.